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My name is Daniel Jones, I have a 1973 Hydrodyne twin rig powered by the original 1150 Mercury Inline 6 outboards. When I was going through the internet trying to find information on how to restore my Dyne I came up short. There was only one site out there to go to and it was for all classic boats not just Hydrodyne's. Knowing that there was still a following behind this boat I put up the site.


2 years later the forum started to show some activity as people found it through searches mostly from Yahoo which is still true to this day. Using some old footage that my Dad had from his show skiing days back in guam while in the Navy I started to add content and spruce up the site to make it an attractive stop for fellow Hydrodyners on the internet.


So I would like to be the first to welcome all who find this site and urge you to join the forum (when I say member it means that you belong to the forum) About the only advertisements you will see on this site are for the ski teams that use the Dyne style hull or for apparel which I am working on. Hydrodyne is still a trademark name and I am working on trying to get permission just for apparel and other small items that will promote the site and the classic Dynes.


Daniel Jones

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