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    The north of Vietnam is most often warm and sunny from October to December, after which cold winter weather sets in, accompanied by fine persistent mists which can last for several days. Temperatures begin to rise again in March, building to summer maximums that regularly reach 36°C between May and August, though average temperatures in Hanoi hover around a more sensible 30°C.


    Summer in Hanoi runs from May to September and causes heat and humidity, with average temperatures touching 32°C (90°F) accompanied by refreshingly short bouts of heavy rain. These tropical downpours generally arrive in the afternoons, and despite being wet, summer months have the highest number of time period of sunshine. Winter is cooler and can bring fog and clouds but little rain, and the average temperature is 17°C (62°F). The best time to visit Hanoi (Vietnam) is October and November, as days are not too hot with averages around 21°C (70°F) with less rain and plenty of sunshine.

    Going through the thousand years of its eventful history, marked by destruction, wars and natural disasters, Ha Noi still preserves several historical architectural works including the Old Quarter and over 600 pagodas and temples. Widely known sites consist of the One Pillar Pagoda (built in 1049), the Temple of Literature (built in 1070), Ha Noi Citadel, Ha Noi Opera House, President Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum... Ha Noi also characteristically contains 18 beautiful lakes such as Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake, and Truc Bach Lake..., which are the lungs of the city, with their surrounding gardens and trees providing a vital source of energy. Many traditional handicrafts are also practiced in Ha Noi including bronze molding, silver carving, lacquer, and embroidery. Ha Noi has a lot of distinguished traditional professional handicraft villages such as Bat Trang pottery village, Ngu Xa bronze casting village, Yen Thai glossy silk...

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