BY: Jim, with information provided by US Coast Gaurd


The first three letters are called MIC (manufacturers ID code)

My 1977 18 has an MIC of CMA which is Crosby Marine Engineering


This was Ab Crosby Senior's company and he designed the 18 footer as a
race boat and the first one had a wood deck.  That boat evolved into the
early 18 Ski boat.  It was probably the only boat out there that could
handle two big Mercs and became a water ski show regular.

The 20 foot Hydrodyne's I've seen carry a MIC of THI which is Hydrodyne
Boat Company Inc:


I believe this is Ab jr's company.  He designed the 20 and the 17.6.

Three Rives Industries appears to have come along later and it may have
been the parent company.


I do remember that Ab took on some investors and began building inboards
also.  Ab eventually left the company.

There are many boats that carry an MIC of FPD, This is Fiberglass Products
and Boat Repair which is Tom Miller and they are not Hydrodyne's (I wish
they were), but in some cases they are better boats. If you have an 18
with the redesigned deck that carries the MIC of FPD you have a very rare
(I think three were built) and very good boat. I drove one in 1997 and it
was very nice.

They were called Dyna Ski's from about 1996 to 2005.  Now they are call
“the Dyne”


If you have a 20 with an MIC of FPD built in 2006 or later, it will say
"the Dyne" on it. He has not decided what to call the 18. Tom is leaning
towards "baby Dyne", my suggestion was "Dyne 18".

I saw a 20 ft bow rider at the nationals that carried an MIC of OQV which
is John's Custom Upholstery. I am not familiar with this company:


At this point in time Tom has a 20 foot mold.  OQV has a 20 and a 17.6 I
think.  The 18 foot mold belongs to William (skip) Paul I believe.


I don't know how many he has built, and I think his are called

If you have a ski club using Hydrodyne boats and you would like to advertise an event (free of charge) email DJONES@hydrodyners.com