2016 Summer Expectations in the Mid-West....

Discussion in 'Tom Miller Boats' started by kevinb, May 28, 2016.

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    Sep 10, 2006
    Brookfield, WI
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    75 HD 18' I/O SOLD & 1985 HD 20' (Boat #2) I/O 350
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    Did not launch the 85 I/o 20 last year (Zero water time). It felt like the glaciers didn't leave the Mid-West until the 4th of July. Did go through the obvious mechanicals (new carb, Thunderbolt IE module, Cap wires, and plugs) and took it to the mechanic that did the servicing after the transom was redone last week.

    The timing was set to "0" which is 8 degrees retarded and he got it dialed in about a 1/2 hr (probably set it to TDC for tuning but did not tell me). Runs really outstanding on the hard now and will give a report when we go to water. Looking forward to see how it works at speed, and with someone behind it.

    Happy Memorial Day to All!


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