floor on 1986 20 ft dyne

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    Mar 13, 2012
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    1972 year
    I have a 1972 18 ft it had the balsawood floor sandwitched between the outside fiberglass and the inside fiberglass it had completly went to power had it re done but do not like how they raised the floor with stringers
    Looking at a 1986 20 ft can anyone tell me if this year has the same hull design as my old 72 and will the hull design still give me the almost no wake . been a dyne owner since 78 no other boat i have ever ski behind is any better i purchased a new 94 inboard but was never happy with it obl
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    Sep 10, 2006
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    75 HD 18' I/O SOLD & 1985 HD 20' (Boat #2) I/O 350
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    I have a 1975 18 T-skier and and 1985 20 i/o dyne and they both have the same floor system (balsa core for structure with floor stringers over as an independant system, I have replaced the floors on both hulls and the stringers and transom on the 1985 and an very farmilar with these). The older boats had the seats anchored directly into the balsa structural elements which resulted in water intrusion into the structural balsa core. Not a good set-up IMO. Much better to have the structural core elements isolated from the deck system (i.e. raised deck is a better design).

    Raised floor can be replaced with minimal $$ but a recore is a major overhaul.

  3. jim

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    Jun 14, 2006
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    77 Dyne 18 I/O converted to Outboard
    I like the 18 better, it is more fun to drive in my opinion. I think my daughter compared those wakes a few years ago. I will try to find that thread. You can remove the floor and stringers aft of the seats pretty easily. If the 18 is in good shape I would just stay with that unless you need to pull really big loads.
  4. Sbano/Vbano

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    Nov 9, 2012
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    1982 20ft Hydrodyne 200hp, 1959 Crosby Sportsman
    Personally, I don't notice a difference between the wakes. My dad owns a 1982 20 footer with a 200 hp motor. My uncle, markbano, owns a 1972 or 73 18 footer with a 225 hp motor. Both of the wakes are incredibly small, but there's not a huge difference that I can tell between the two. I've skied many times behind both boats. I like the way the 20 footer rides, it breaks the waves really nice. However, my uncle's 18 footer looks stunning. On our boat we currently have a 200 on it, and that is plenty of horse power. The motor is not running right, so therefore we might look into a new/newer motors. We would probably put a 225, or 250 on it if we were to get a newer motor. Either boat can deliver that "hydrodyne" wake.

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