Golden State Glassics Regionals 2007

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    Planning for the GSG regionals is underway for the 2007 trip. The dates which will be either the last weekend in June or the first week in July (Not the 4th) are being reserved. I am doing most of the leg work this year for Denise so she can sit back and relax like all of us have done for the last 5 years.

    The trip is open to all that want to make the trek to Lake San Antonio which is just outside of Paso Robles California. It is a fun get together and not a boat show. We use our classic glass for actual fun in the sun. While we like to show it off we don't line them up and rank them except for the farthest distance traveled and oldest boat etc... It is BBQ, Friends and Goodtimes rolled into a fun 2-3 day weekend.

    More to follow!
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    Re: CA - San Antonio Gathering & Whiskey Run Cancelled Update

    Morning CALIFORNIA!

    Sixth Annual "San Antonio Lake Gathering"
    Paso Robles, CA
    July 6th -8th 2007

    On March 31st I sent out a "cancellation" notice on the Lake San Antonio gathering for 2007. Since that time there has been interest in possibly keeping the reservations for those who still want to get together or planning a gathering at another lake. The BBQ for Saturday night had to be cancelled.

    No notices were sent out to take sign-ups for the San Antonio gathering, hence we don't know who was interested in attending. We need a minimum of 10 sites taken to keep our reservation (26 are available).

    Due to the 4th of July falling on a Wednesday, there is a good chance that sites will not be open for early arrival this year and the various other campgrounds surrounding the lake will most likely be full . However, I am going to call the lake and check into the availability of those who would like to extend their stay past Sunday.

    So here is the deal........we only have 9 weeks to collect the campsite fees ($54) for the two nights and pay the lake. If there are at least 10 sites taken we are a go if there is interested. What we need is for you to contact Jill Schwocho ASAP and let her know you if you want to attend. From there a notice will be sent out to on how many have signed up, if it is a will need to send in your campsite reservation and fees to Jill.

    For those of you who do not know Jill personally, she and her sister Lisa have been part of the ever growing group of "Lady Glassheads" since June of 2004. In fact when she showed up, the Lake San Antonio Gathering of 2004 was just days away. Jill's boat was not running or ready yet, but she drove up to the lake to spend a few hours with us and has attended each one since. Last year she treated the kids, and a couple of us adults, to a tour of the stars pointing out the constellations. We also got to meet her parents at the Gathering this past year as they were treated to a weekend of boating and camping with their daughters. Jill has been a supporting member of Fiberglassics for three years now.

    Jill has graciously stepped forward to see if we can still make this fly, to take the reservations and collect the camping fees, for those who would still like to attend. Please contact Jill and we will go from there.

    Jill Schwocho -

    May 4th - 7th - Lake Piru

    Jill has also stepped up to start a new Tradition she is calling the "Birthday Boating Bash" to be held May 4th-7th at Lake Piru. Here is the link to her invitation: ... ageID=3806

    Please contact Jill for more information. Thanks Jill !!!

    One more note of bad news, the Fourth Annual "Whiskey Run" has also been Cancelled. ... ageID=3789

    Bruce and Steve jumped through many hoops after the Federal Parks Department declared our gathering as an "EVENT" and all that comes with it. The reservations system of the Federal parks also changed policies without notification and all the dates were taken through September. There are many people working on a alternative location for the end of July.

    Please visit the GSG board for more information on what is in the works. There are a lot of people working their transom's off trying to get something going! As soon as something is nailed down, I will send out a group email as well. ... asp?fm=GSG

    Thank you all for hanging in there...........we are all working on it!


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