New Hydrodyner Grand Sport 1996 in Switzerland

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    kusokuso New Hydrodyner

    Jun 15, 2017
    Boat Model and Year:
    Hydrodyne Grand Sport 1996
    Hello Hydrodyne friends,
    My name is Markus and I'm from Switzerland, sorry if it has sentence errors, I translate with google translater.
    Last year I bought a Hydrodyne Grandsport from the year 1996.
    Various refreshments over the winter, including engine overhaul.
    I suspect that this is the only Hydrodyne in Switzerland, as I've never seen such one in Switzerland.
    Last week, it was put into the water and of course immediately tested.
    At the beginning, the GT40 engine did not run well and did not produce any power, then discovered that two cylinder cables had been swapped, now the bottom runs great. I'm totally happy, and of course a little proud to be the owner of a boat that does not drive around every corner.

    greeting markus

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