PWC jet drive swap into 'Dyne questions

Discussion in 'Hydrodyne® Boats' started by Rockosocko, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Rockosocko

    Rockosocko Hydrodyner

    Feb 7, 2016
    Good morning.
    Wasn't sure of where to post this to get the most traffic, "engines", "Restorations/builds" or here.

    I picked up a early 60's dyne I/O with the VOlvo motor/drive. Well, looks like I'm in for a floor job and wanted to know if there was any out there that have done a modern jet ski style drive in them?
    I have a few 750 jet ski's and those were slated for using the bets for 'modding' into a jonboat.
    Well, need to clean out the back yard and don't really wan to give these away and learn later that I could've used the drives to power the Dyne.

    Kinda need some kind of answer in the next couple weeks, since time is running close to sell the ski's.


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