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Photo of the Month:

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  1. Pic #1 - jim

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  2. Pic #2 - Dyna-Kid

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  3. Pic #3 - Dennis

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  4. Pic #4 - ski38off

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  1. Bryan

    Bryan Administrator

    Dec 15, 2004
    Goonville, CA
    Boat Model and Year:
    Twin Rigged Canoe
    Ski Team:
    East Palmdale Ski Rats
    Pic #1: My daughter took this picture of my boat and I want her to get the credit since she is a member here. The birds are Sand Hill Cranes and the hang around in our yard a lot. They are so tame that we have to walk around them in the yard and they barely get out of the way when I launch the boat. -jim

    Pic #2: 1974 Hydrodyne. Photo taken August 2013 and given a retro look with my BB Z10. -Dyna-Kid

    Pic #3: Three generations of our family have skied behind this 1989 Hydrodyne Comp. Photo taken by DennisDyne on 8/25/13. Location is the Wye River on the Eastern Shore of Maryland -Dennis

    Pic #4: July 21,2013 pulling 5 footers on Lake DuBay just North of Stevens Point, WI. First attempt after rebuilding a 1977 Bartlett 18, with twin mid 70's 150 hp merc's. Photo by ex UW madison ski team members. -ski38off


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