Tracking fins available for 18' Hydrodynes.

Discussion in 'Hydrodyne® Boats' started by 72io, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. 72io

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    Jun 13, 2007
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    1972 Hydrodyne, 302 i/o
    After replacing the floor in my 1972 18' Hydrodyne I/O, I ended up with a lot of left over fiberglass mat and epoxy resin. Since the tracking fin on my boat has been missing since the day I bought it, I thought I would try to build a fin out of fiberglass. It turned out so nice I decided to order the materials needed to make a mould so I could make another one if I ever break or lose this one. I still have plenty of materials to make more of these. The design is purely from scratch. All I had to go on was the notch on the bottom of my boat where the original fin was, and a few pictures of Dynes on the internet. The fin is made from Epoxy resin and four layers of 2 oz chop strand mat. After it comes out of the mould I cover it with one layer of woven mat and 2 more layers of resin. Each fin takes about 5-8 days to complete. If you think you might be interested in one let me know. I would need $250.00 plus shipping for one.

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  2. Brian k

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    May 6, 2016
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    1968 hydrodyne 18' 250 i/o
    I am very interested in one as well as where the placement on the boat is for it as I too have not had a fin on the boat since I bought it. Does it track pretty good now?

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