Hydrodyne History




The history on the next few pages is graciously provided by either Bev Crosby-Miller or our own Jim. Bev is Daughter to Ab Crosby and Wife to Tom Miller. Jim owns a classic Dyne 18 and pulled show skiers to National Titles behind his rig.



• The Basics Who and What was Hydrodyne

This section is the short blurb on the the make up of the companies that built Crosby, Hydrodyne and the family members that worked there.

• HIN-Hull Identification Number

Ever wonder what those letters and numbers mean on the back of your Dyne? Find it here. If you have a boat that was built after the Hydrodyne Company (Three Rivers Inc) closed you can find it here also. Please Email myself or Jim if your Dyne numbers don't match any of the listings so we can find out who built the hull and add it.



If you have a ski club using Hydrodyne boats and you would like to advertise an event (free of charge) email DJONES@hydrodyners.com